“You’re The Best”

Words & Music by Jerry Holland


You’re the best, you’re amazing,
You defy subtle praising.
Remember when you said that to me?
You called me perfection,
Aphrodite’s reflection.
What beautiful lies those sweet nothings
Turned out to be.


You’re the best, you’re Madonna,
You’re Dolce & Gabanna.
You told me that when love was new.
You said I was stellar
As a dish cooked by Keller.
And I ate it up as if
Every word were true.


You sang Cole Porter songs
And quoted Shakespeare’s lines.
How I loved to revel in
Those velvet valentines.


You’re the best, you’re Trump Tower,
You’re Van Gogh’s prize sunflower.
That’s what you said to me one day.
Once you were quite enchanted.
Now you take me for granted.
But that’s all gonna change
When you see that I’m walking away.


© HeebaLibra Music



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